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Ghost of Faffner Hall, The (1989) [Last Updated: 12/23/03]
Another passionate interest of Jim Henson was the power of music. This is reflected in The Ghost of Faffner Hall--a thirteen-part series made in England for Tyne Tees Television and HBO in 1989, produced by Jocelyn Stevenson.

Each episode of Faffner Hall combines puppet elements with location segments featuring major musicians from a variety of fields, from jazz to pop to classical. The puppet segments are set in Faffner Hall, a stately Victorian pile built as a monument to music by the eccentric Fughetta Faffner. When her great-great-grandnephew Farkas, a music hater, inherits the house, Fughetta's ghost is forced to work overtime to defeat his philistine plans for the building. In this she is aided by various Muppet allies as well as the musical guest stars.

Faffner Hall encouraged children to appreciate all the different kinds of music around them and to value their experiences as listeners as well as performers. Its musical curericulum was developed in consultation with Professor John Paynter, head of music at the University of York, and Canadian composer R. Murray Schaefer, and it featured musical guest stars from Dizzy Gillespie to the Scottish Chamber Orchestra to Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

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