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Hawa (2003) [Last Updated: 03/06/06]
Starring: Tabbu, Mukesh Tivari, Shahbaz Khan
Director: Guddu Dhanoa
Producer: Guddu Dhanoa, Santosh Dhanoa
Music Dir: Dilip Sen, Sameer Sen

After being separated from her heartless, over ambitious husband, Renu has been running her mother’s antique shop at Manali Market, to make two ends meet. But eventually she has to sell out her family house and move out to the outskirts of the city with her two daughters and teen-aged brother. From the very first night at their new house, everything seems to be going wrong. It all starts with a massive thunderstorm. Next morning Renu finds out that a thunderbolt had struck just behind her house, charring the entire ground. The same day, an old Tibetan Woman, comes to her shop and leaves a pendant behind, saying, “You will need it!” a foreign couple buys the pendant, Renu looks for the Tibetan woman with the money, and eventually finds her sitting on a bench near the Beas River. But when she goes near her Renu sees that the old woman is dead. From that time Renu keeps sensing the presence of an un-seen being inside her house. And dangerous things happening around them. Renu is attacked by somebody in her bedroom. She is brutally raped by the un seen assailant. Her younger daughter is taken away from her. She has to find her daughter? She has to face the trouble, she has to save her family? How would she do it. Watch out this movie? “HAWA”.

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