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Tera Patrick (1976) [Last Updated: 10/10/03]
It's T-E-R-A, not T-A-R-A.

After only six months in the adult business she walked away from Cannes in May 2000 with best new starlet award and a string of other awards followed, culminating in the Hot DOr award for best American Actress in May 2001.

She is one of most sought after models in the business gracing every magazine you can think of and appearing in a vast catalogue of movies, including Penthouse and Playboy.

Her DVD Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick has remained in the top 10 since its release.

Its easy to see why with her exotic looks (mother Thai, father British), and a true sexuality which exudes from deep inside her through to her great body and smouldering posture. She freely admits to a fascination with pornography and enjoys every second in her work, but she plans on leaving the business. Once she has made enough money, she would like to continue her career in nursing, where she has a degree in Microbiology.

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