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Freddy vs. Jason (2003) - Order it online. [Last Updated: 11/10/03]
Directed by: Ronny Yu

Mark Swift and Damian Shannon are the latest writers on the project. James Issac, the director of Jason X, has reportedly comfirmed this information and stated that this is the draft that New Line WILL be going with.

Robert Englund reportedly said that Steve Norrington (Blade) was attached to direct, but project had been stalled because director Steve Norrington will direct League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

One of the complications with the film is a contractual requirement specifying that Jason X be released before production could start.

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08/16/02 Kane Hodder Out, R&B Chick In? has reported some sad news regarding the return of Kane in Freddy vs. Jason:
"FREDDY VS. JASON begins shooting in Vancouver on September 9, but it appears that longtime Jason actor Kane Hodder will not be reprising his role in the eagerly awaited grudge match. Both New Line and a distraught Hodder himself tell Fango that the production has been auditioning other performers all week to take over the role, including Halloween: Resurrectionís Shape star Brad Loree."
Kane Hoddler is be staring, maskless, in Darkwolf. Fangoria also revealed that the lead female actress expected to be announced will be Kelly Roland (a member of the Destiny's Child singing group); that Fred Murphy (Stir of Echoes) will be the picture's director of photography; and that David Goyer (Blade 2) is currently doing a polish of the script. Also, the ever-cool Bill Terezakis and his WTC Productions company will create the makeup for Freddy and Jason. Terezakis/WTC created the look of the flesh-eating ghouls you'll shortly see in House of the Dead.

08/13/02 Interview w/ Heather Langenkamp
Heather Langenkamp recently announced she wouldn't be participating in the Freddy vs. Jason project. Moviehole caught up with the starlet, who is gearing up for the Fangoria Convention. Langenkamp talk about everything from why she's not doing F vs J, and about a possible reunion with Wes Craven.

Langenkamp says that it's been of a case of not being asked back to do Freddy vs. Jason, rather than she saying no to it. "That is the second most asked question when I meet fans. I hear they are going to make such a film but if I were going to be in it I think I would have heard by now", she says. "My involvement in the Nightmare films has always been from Wes Craven's doing. For New Nightmare he actually called me on my birthday and asked if I would consider doing another Nightmare film. It was the best birthday present I ever received, no?. I will always be "Nancy." I feel lucky to be the one who got that role. Now more than ever since the movie is so well loved. How many actors can claim such loyal fans 20 years after they made a film!"

Langenkamp is crossing her fingers that a prequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street can get made, because she really does want to do another. "I think there is (potential). I actually would like to see a prequel."

Langenkamp's also looking to re-unite with Director Wes Craven - could it be for American McGee's Alice? - just maybe! "I know Wes Craven is working on a lot of projects. I think we would enjoy working together again". Right now though, the actress is interested in jumping on the 'comic 2 film' bandwagon and starring in one of her favourite adaptations. "I would be the Silver Surfer!" she says, depending of course on whether they want her.

You can catch up with Heather at the 'Fangoria' convention this month.

08/13/02 Is Kane In or Out?
It was recently reported on E! and Canada's CTV Entertainment News that while Freddy vs. Jason is indeed going ahead, it looks like we may have a new actor behind the hockey mask. Some speculate Kane Hodder will be too busy filming Darkwolf to step into Jason's shoes for the fifth time.

Dark Horizons contacted New Line today, their response was straight-up: "We don't have any info yet on who will be playing Jason for that release." Kane Hodder will be appearing this weekend at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Pasadena and will hopefully have more information about this.

08/08/02 It's Official, Freddy vs. Jason's A-Go!
Variety reports that Brad (Apt Pupil) Renfro will star in Freddy VS. Jason, and that Robert Englund has been officially signed to reprise his half of the title role. No actor has been decided on for Mr. Voorhees, but Kane Hodder told Fangoria that he has taken meetings with director Ronny Yu.

07/25/02 Freddy vs. Jason Langenkampless
MovieHole reports, Heather Langenkamp has confirmed she won't be reprising her role of Nancy for the "Freddy vs. Jason" movie. Langenkamp's spokesperson says "People asked Heather and Wes Craven at a special screening of Nightmare about this Freddy vs Jason project and Wes Craven felt that it wasn't happening because of ongoing rights issues. So, with that in mind, if this project is going ahead, it won't have Wes Craven involved nor Heather as she is very loyal to him."

07/22/02 Freddy vs. Jason Plot Details
Entertainment Weekly indicates "[Freddy vs. Jason] will open with Freddy trapped in hell, sending Jason to Elm Street to resume his chopping spree, but Jason is not that easy to deal with". The action shifts to Camp Crystal Lake, and "don't expect a clear cut victor".

07/06/02 Freddy vs. Jason Greenlit... Serious This Time
Coming Attractions has confirmed that Freddy vs. Jason has been greenlit and will begin shooting in Vancouver on September 9. And yes, Ronny Yu is on-board as the film's director. While none of this has been officially announced by New Line Cinema, the film is a go and work is being done on it right now.

05/29/02 Freddy VS. Jason Kung Fu?
Dark Horizons reports that while talking to HKATV, Hong Kong star Kenneth Tsang has stated that he's landed a role in "Freddy Vs. Jason". The guy has been in tons of HK movies, but he's mostly known for playing in The Replacement Killers and Rush Hour 2.

05/16/02 Ronny Yu to Direct Freddy vs. Jason?
Creature Corner reports that director Ronny Yu (Bride of Chucky) has been locked to helm Freddy vs. Jason. New Line Cinema hasn't officially said a word just yet.

04/22/02 Jason Takes On Freddy
Kane Hodder, who plays hockey-masked Jason Voorhees in the Jason X, told SCI FI Wire that he's happy with the approved script for the proposed Freddy vs. Jason and offered hints about its central themes. "I just like how this develops the controversy between the two characters and how it's pretty difficult to bring Freddy and Jason together," Hodder said. "Freddy's in your dreams. Jason's in the real world. They were able to do that with this script."

The long-gestating project would pit Jason against Freddy Krueger, the knife-fingered villain from the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Though he was short on details, Hodder assured fans that the plot device would not give Jason nightmares that Freddy would invade. "I can't see Jason sleeping, and then [mimics waking from a nightmare] 'Oh, help me!'"

Hodder said he looks forward to adding another monster to the mix. "I just think it gives me more to play off of, to react to, because someone once again might have some effect on Jason for once, which is part of the reason I liked [Friday the 13th] Part VII before. There was someone that could actually battle Jason somewhat. I think Freddy could be a more worthy adversary than any of the other people have."

The one thing Hodder said that he is most looking forward to in the film is "kickin' Freddy's ass. No doubt. I mean, it's a great idea to have the two characters in the same movie, and New Line knows how to do that kind of stuff, so I would be severely disappointed if we didn't do it. I'm sure we will." Jason X opens April 26.

04/11/02 Freddy vs. Jason Still On
During the Brussels International Film Festival, Robert Englund revealed to Aint It Cool the current status of the horror team-up Freddy vs. Jason: "Englund once again verified that Freddy Vs. Jason is finally going to happen. The script is all done, and it looks like everybody (including New Line) is happy with it. He told us that they'll use James Robinson's script and that Rob Bottin will direct".

02/02/02 Interview w/ Jason Voorhees
Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees) was interviewed by the horror magazine Wicked. In the interview, he gave his thoughts on Freddy vs. Jason:
Hodder was also asked how he felt the upcoming Jason X would do and he replied by saying, "It'll do very well. I do appearances around the country every year and the only question I consistently get is when's the next movie coming out? Because it's been so long, people are really ready for it, even though most people thought it was going to be Freddy vs. Jason, they don't care as long as Jason's coming back. They're very, very excited."

About the "Freddy vs Jason" status Hodder reveals, "I'm sure it will happen, and I definitely want to do it because that would be something that the fans have really been waiting for. I think it would be fun to kick Freddy's ass."

12/28/01 Craven Talks Freddy Vs. Jason
Freddy Kreuger creator and director Wes Craven told SCI FI Wire that he is open to working with the producers of New Line Cinema's long-proposed Freddy vs. Jason, contrary to earlier reports.
"That would entirely depend on the script," Craven said in an interview. "It's a really tough idea to get those two together in the same place and figure out whether they're going to be enemies of each other or working together. So far, nobody's really cracked the back of the script. Five years ago when they were first talking about it, somebody asked me if I had an idea, and I didn't."
The movie has reportedly been greenlighted with a working script.

11/27/01 Langenkamp in Another Elm Street Film?
Moviehole talked to Heather Langenkamp's agent this morning and learned that the actress is in discussions with director Wes Craven about a new project. "There are ongoing discussions with Wes Craven about what shape another ELM ST movie might look like and if there's a place for the character, Nancy Thompson". The most likely project they are talking about is the prequel to the first "Nightmare on Elm Street".

Some word came out about the Freddy vs. Jason project, "Mark Swift and Damian Shannon are the latest writers on the project. James Issac, the director of Jason X, has comfirmed this information and stated that this is the draft that New Line WILL be going with."

Coming Attractions did some initial checking and found that there are two writers named Mark Swift and Damian Shannon working in the biz. They did a draft on New Line's Danger Girl screenplay. The 4filmmakers website does list them as being some of the writers who've worked on the Freddy vs. Jason project.

10/29/01 Nancy vs Freddy & Jason?
Horror icon actress Heather Langenkamp talked to Moviehole and was asked if she would reprise her role of Nancy in the horror teamup:
"If someone can write that story to the high standards the fans demand and there could possibly be a place for Nancy Thompson I'd be fascinated to see it made. But truly, I do not expect that Nancy would be part of the Jason/Freddy story. And in some ways, I would feel like I betrayed the spirit of NOE if the project didn't have the blessing of Wes Craven".
She also indicates her character might turn up in the recently rumoured Elm Street prequel:
"It sounds like a brilliant idea for a movie. I think having my character in a prequel would be more possible thana Jason meets Freddy scenario. Wes Craven had already developed a wonderful back story for Freddy and the Thompson family and the other families of the Elm Street neighborhood. That seems very plausible if not possible".
Source: Dark Horizon.

10/08/01 Freddy vs. Jason Greenlighted!
Robert Englund announced just the other week that "[Freddy vs. Jason has] been greenlit, and I've heard recently that the executives at New Line [which owns the film franchise] have finally gotten a draft of the script that they like." No telling when Jason's newest movie, Jason X, will be out. The next Friday the 13th doesn't happen until September, 2002.

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