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The Last Woman on Earth (1960) / Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973) [Last Updated: 11/23/03]
Although Diamond Entertainment is at the lower end of the the DVD spectrum, often releasing public domain features, they are about the best there is when it comes to cheap DVD's. They usually deliever acceptable quality material, where as companies like Alpha Video seem to try their hardest to find the worst prints imaginable. Of course the real interest in this disc is Invasion of the Bee Girls. The first time on DVD, this strange sci-fi / horror skin flix is quite enjoyable. It's paired up with The Last Woman on Earth, one of Roger Corman's slap jobs with an interesting plot.

The Last Woman on Earth

For poor multi-millionaire Harold Gern (Antony Carbone) the government won't seem to cut him a break on all his questionable buisness practices, so he decides to escape to Puerto Rico with his wife Evelyn (Betsy Jones-Moreland). While on vacation his morally concious lawyer Martin Joyce (Robert Towne) stops by to start working on Harold's case. While boating the trio decide to do some scuba diving, only to later come up and discover the earth has been sucked clean of air. Now Harold and Martin must learn to live together in peace and harmony with THE LAST WOMAN ON EARTH!

Although mildly ammusing, the flix's best feature is the short running length, which clocks in at just about an hour. The movie lacks the edge of The Last Man on Earth with Vincent Price and doesn't have enough cheese to make it even entertaining garbage. Just bad acting all capture with the competent direction of Roger Corman. If you like the female foot you'll have a few moments to entice you but besides that there's not much action in this flix.

Invasion of the Bee Girls

In the small remote town of "who cares" a scientist is found dead in a hotel room, aparently from too much luvin`. Agent Neil Agar (William Smith) is called in from the Security Department to investigate his death. While on the case more men are discovered dead from sex, which doesn't stop him from trying to get under the skirt of Julie Zorn (Miss September 1967 & Miss 1968 Victoria Vetri). With no evidence or logical process of reasoning Agent Agar soon suspects Dr. Susan Harris (Anitra Ford, one of the original models on "The Price Is Right") is turning the recent widows, like Rene Bond, into queen bee hybirds.

Bee Girls is very entertaining with plently of tits and ass along with some lesbian undertones. There's an interesting sequence in which Anitra Ford strip teeses for a bald scientist which is spliced together with William Smith and Victoria Vetri casually watching a documentary about insects. It's all off the wall but somehow they make it all work.


The video for both is 1.33:1. Last Woman appears to be cropped on the left and ride sides but Bee Girls appears to be unmatted, which if you're going to go full screen is just about the only acceptable way to go. Last Woman's video quality is pretty bad. The image is too bright, the colors are all out of wack and there is considerable print damage on the film. The video quality for Bee Girls is poor but watchable with strong colors. A rape scene with Victoria Vetri and the above mentioned sequence with Anitra Ford are far too dark and murky to make for good viewing, but the rest of the feature is clear enough. There's grain but few noticable scratches, which I find perfect, who wants to see such trash in mint condition anyways?

The extra's amount to a short and standard biography of Roger Corman, credits for the two feature films along with short descriptions from the back of the DVD. The Facts & Trivia are all pretty well known, mostly about Roger Corman, and the Photo Gallery is simply made of screen shots taken directly from the films and are not production photos. Bassically you get nothing.

Overall the transfer for Bee Girls is quite good, and being the main draw for this DVD I can certainly recommend picking this edition up if you're looking for some BEE-movie action.

DVD Features:
Film Information
Facts & Trivia
Photo Gallery

Invasion of the Bee Girls
Invasion of the Bee Girls
Invasion of the Bee Girls
Invasion of the Bee Girls

The Last Woman on Earth
The Last Woman on Earth
The Last Woman on Earth
The Last Woman on Earth

Extras: Trivia