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Seed of Chucky (October 29th, 2004) [Last Updated: 02/16/04]
Written & Directed by: Don Mancini

Chucky: Brad Dourif
Tiffany/Herself: Jennifer Tilly
Glenn: Billy Boyd
Himself: Redman
Sleazy Tabloid Paparazzo: John Waters
Joan: Hannah Spearitt
Stunt Double: Deborah Lee Carrington
Mum: Stephanie chambers (Brookside)
Dad: Simon James Morgan (Shadows)
Daughter: Bethany Simons- Denville

Infamous killer dolls Chucky and Tiffany, as well as their gender-confused offspring, endeavor with family life and pursue actress Jennifer Tilly in Hollywood and London.

There will be a "New Nightmare" feel to the film due to the fact that the doll Tiffany goes through a "facelift" to look like actress Jennifer Tilly, because she's apparently obsessed with her, so fact meets fiction in a way. They are currently still doing rewrites on the script and filming is supposedly set to start March 15th in Romania on the second largest soundstage where Cold Mountain was also shot.

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01/16/04 Seed of Chucky Interview w/ John Waters & On the Set
John Waters talked with Zap2it about his fate in the upcoming Seed of Chucky, in what could be called an extreme spoiler.

Updates from an offical source states Seed of Chucky is currently in its 8th week of filming on the set of Cold Mountain in Romainia, "Awesome studios sets have been built including a british opening to the film starring mum - Stephanie chambers (Brookside) , Dad - Talent Welsh actor Simon James Morgan (Shadows) and stunning Bethany Simons- Denville (playing daughter to the English family). [...] Puppet effect are better than ever."

They're looking at the 29th of October for the Premier in LA. Venue unknown at the moment.

Official cast already announced: Jennifer Tilly, Brad Douriff, Billy Boyd, Redman, John Waters, Hannah Spearitt and Deborah Lee Carrington.

01/01/04 Jennifer Tilly's Seed of Chucky Interview scored some major news on the Bride of Chucky sequel during an interview with Jennifer Tilly promoting "Home on the Range":
Jennifer Tilly seems more excited to talk about Seed of Chucky than Home on the Range. She brought it up so much during the interview that it seemed the Chucky comments warranted a separate interview. Of course, Bride of Chucky, in which Tilly played Tiffany, a femme fatale transformed into a killer doll like Chucky, left things open for a sequel, ending with Tiffany giving birth. Seed promises to be even more self-referential, as it is actually about the production of Bride of Chucky, which gets invaded by Chucky, Tiffany and their new child.

The subject first came up when discussing voiceover work. Tilly said, ďIím doing the sequel to Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky and I play a doll. That was my first experience with voiceover and Brad Dourif and I were in a room and heís a great actor. We were facing each other and they rigged it up that we could talk at the same time, so we did a lot of overlapping and ad libbing and thereís a scene where the Tiffany doll dies and weíre both staring at each other with tears streaming down our cheeks. I don't know if we really needed to act that hard for that movie, but we did. Years later, we went back and did the voices for the sequel, and I found that I was bothered by having another actor in the room. I was like, ďI wish Brad would quit talking so I could do my linesĒ because you develop a technique. You get on a role, you do the role eight, nine, 10 times and you just do it until youíre happy which is very liberating and really fun.

Now youíre going to play yourself, Jennifer Tilly? Yeah, itís a very silly script. I play the doll, the little homicidal doll, and then I also play myself, Jennifer Tilly international star of film.

What is it like to work with doll with your voice? Actually, I recorded the Tiffany voice and itís fun because I have a lot of input so I say derogatory things about myself. Thereís actually a scene where Iím on the phone, where Jenniferís on the phone and Tiffanyís on the phone pretending to be me and Tiffany keeps piping in and saying things. And I think that my assistant is making fun of me, so I say, ĎStop ití and she says, ĎStop what?í and I say, ĎStop imitating me. I donít sound like thatí and then Tiffany says, ĎYes, you do.í So itís really confusing.

And this is about the production of the last film? Yeah, then it takes off from there. I get artificially impregnated with Chuckyís seed. Billy Boyd plays the voice of the son and John Waters plays a pervy paparazzi and somebody named Redman plays a director. He plays a director of this biblical epic. Redman the rapper, yeah. He says it just came to him. God told him to make a movie about the bible. So Iím auditioning to be the virgin Mary in the biblical epic.

Redman as himself? Yes, heís playing Redman, himself, but heís branching out.

Why did it take so long to get this going? Itís funny because Don [Mancini]ís been trying to get this script off the ground for years and years and years, and finally Universal created - - itís called Rogue films. You know they have different banners? Well, they had Focus film and we were going to be a Focus film but then I guess they thought it would be bad for Focus Films because thatís for classy indie fare. So they created an offshoot of Focus Films called Rogue films which was for movies theyíre too embarrassed to release under the Focus banner. So weíre the very first Rogue film. Iím so happy. This is actually the original script that he wrote, because they were trying to make him change a lot of things. Itís going to be really funny. And heís got a really great cinematographer and editor. Pino Donaggio is doing the soundtrack.

Would you do a third Chucky? I think so. Actually the end of the movie, Iím still Jennifer Tilly, am still alive in some form. Donís probably going to kill me because I think Iím probably giving away too much. I donít even know if Iím supposed to say I get artificially inseminated by the Chucky doll.

How do you prepare for playing yourself? Well, one of the things I was trying to do is lose some weight, because Iím really lazy, you guys might know. Most of the times when I get a part, I play character parts so I go well, this character has a sedentary lifestyle. Sheís a little bit over the hill, her better days are behind. I always do things like that. But when youíre playing yourself, you canít say hey, thereís Jennifer Tilly, sheís fat. So I was trying to lose some weight but the problem is when I go on a diet, I get really hungry. Iím not hungry until I say okay, from now on, only lean meat and steamed vegetables. All of a sudden Iím craving fattening food. So just in case, when I was recording the Tiffany doll, just in case I didnít lose any weight, I put in some references to that. So Don took one look at me and he started putting in jokes about how Iím trying to diet and I wonít let my assistant eat because I have no will power.

Filming has already started on "Seed of Chucky" in Romania according to Hannah Spearitt when talking from Romania to T4 in the UK.

01/30/04 Seed of Chucky John Waters Cameo
Fangoria reports writer/director Don Mancini and producer David Kirschner have let Fangoria in on a tasty bit of casting for the upcoming Seed of Chucky: Cult-film legend John Waters will play an ill-fated papparazzo. Mancini tells Fango, ďJohn has been a Chucky fan for a long time, and I wrote the part specifically for him.Ē Kirschner adds, ďAnd we made sure that he dies the most gruesome death.Ē

Mancini and Kirschner have also signed some key behind-the-scenes talent for the Focus Features project: the cinematographer is Vernon (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer) Layton, and genre veteran Pino (Carrie) Donaggio will compose the score. ďA lot of SEED is a takeoff on Brian De Palmaís early movies,Ē Mancini says, ďand I thought it would be a perfect touch to have his composer do the music for our film as well.Ē

Kirschner is looking forward to seeing Mancini, who has written all the Child's Play films, take his long-awaited place behind the camera on the franchise. ďDon deserves a lot of credit for how good Bride of Chucky turned out,Ē the producer says, ďand Iím very confident heís going to do a great job as director.Ē


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