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Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash (Development Hell) [Last Updated: 01/01/04]
Director: Sam Raimi - or - Ronny Yu
Staring: Bruce Campbell, Robert Englund.

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05/29/04 Evil Dead Interview w/ Bruce Campbell
AINC was able to sit down and have a talk with Bruce "JC" Campbell about Bubba Ho-tep, Ladykillers, Evil Dead 4 and Ash Vs. Freddy Vs. Jason. Here's the good stuff:
I think there are certain execs at New Line and others who are, of course, very excited and rightfully so... I'd hate to just spew bologna when it's just bologna... I think it is real in New Line's mind that it is a viable project and everyone knows it's a viable project. The thing is that making time and figuring out what... um...

Like, let's say you made Ash out of the bounds of the EVIL DEAD series. We do have rights issues that we have to clarify because we've got certain rights owners that are involved in the first EVIL DEAD and then there are other rights owners for the other EVIL DEAD. So, what if you have the character that's got the chainsaw on his arm? Well, he's from EVIL DEAD 2... You know what I mean? And he's spouting bullshit of this and that from these other movies and I don't know. It's a real landmine.

That's why some of these movies get delayed forever. They're legal landmines because it starts to cause every rights owner to go, "Well wait a minute! What do I control?" So, it's awakening the sleeping giants. You know what I mean? Now you have to think about stuff that you never have to think about and you have to start paying attention and that's what eats up the time.

O.K., not so much "good stuff" as informative. Bubba Ho-Tep went on sale May 25th.

01/01/04 AoD Marches Again This July & Interview w/ Bruce Campbell
Newsarama reports that the Army of Darkness rises again in July. Confirming and clarifying initial reports of Army of Darkness comics, Devil’s Due has announced that it will release Army of Darkness #1 in July, produced by their new studio partner, Dynamite Entertainment.

The issue will be written by Andy (Danger Girl) Hartnell, with art by Nick Bradshaw. Covers for the issue will be provided by J. Scott Campbell, Marc Silvestri, Ben Templesmith, with the fourth cover being a photo cover. The four covers will be equally divided. Additionally a rare 1-in-25 J. Scott Campbell sketch cover will be available, as well as a Necronomicon retailer incentive cover.

As it was originally announced, Dynamic Forces had acquired the rights to Army of Darkness as a comic book property.

“I’ve been nothing short of incredibly impressed with what Josh [Blaylock, President of Devil’s Due Publishing] has put together since striking out on his own,” said Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamic Forces in a release. “When we got the license for the comics, with our license to do trading cards, lithos and statues, we knew we needed to have a cool publisher release the dynamite series! Now, with the creative teams involved, we’re ready to send Army of Darkness straight to the top of the sales charts!”

Tied to the mythology made famous by Sam Raimi in his Evil Dead movies, Army of Darkness #1 showcases Ash in a story where the hero gets a chance at a “do-over” – a chance to set right a new problem he inadvertently caused when he misspoke the magic words in the Army of Darkness film. Straight from the comfort of S-Mart, Ash has to retrace his steps to a certain cabin in the woods he’s all too familiar with.

According to both publisher Blaylock and Barrucci, Army of Darkness #1 is the firstfruit of a packaging partnership which will yield new projects by the likes of Jim Starlin and John Byrne.

“Army of Darkness is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I’m psyched that DF chose us as a partner,” Blaylock said. “Adding legends like John Byrne and Jim Starlin to the list was icing on the cake, and I can’t wait to see what they do. It’s an honor to have them published under my label.”

Army of Darkness #1 will be in the Devil’s Due section of the May Previews, for items scheduled to ship in July, 2004. The issue will retail for $2.99.

Bruce Campbell talked a bit about his upcoming schedule to Regular Reviews. Here's a snip about Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash:

Any chance you and [Don] Coscarelli (Bubba Ho-tep / Phantasm / The Beastmaster) might knock out another Joe Lansdale story in the future?

Bruce: We're looking into it already. He has a few things that we are sniffing out.

How did the Sci-Fi Channel deal come about?

Bruce: I think mainly because a sci fi flick called Terminal Invasion did pretty well when it first aired on the channel. Screaming Brain was over there for consideration, and I think those good numbers sped the process along.

Are you going to have to deal with anything in terms of time or budget constraints, Bulgaria, etc. on Man with the Screaming Brain?

Bruce: Yes, yes, and yes. Making low-budget movies elevates "dealing" to high art - it's all about scraping a buck here and there, but I saved some $ by setting it there.

Okay, I've gotta ask. There are rumors about that there exists at New Line a treatment for this 20 page Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash flick and they are trying to secure the rights to the character. Is there any truth to this as far as you know?

Bruce: Shadowy truth. Watery truth.

Bubba Ho-Tep: Collector's Edition is scheduled for release on 5-25-2004 (7 weeks).

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